Supersize me!

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Hanging around ucla on a record breaking hot day meant seeing a lot of girls in skimpy clothes and a free screening of Supersize me, courtesy of my friend jessica.

Its no surprise that mcdonald’s serves unhealthy food so the film about morgan spurlock and his 30 days of eating strictly big mac’s and everything else offered on the menu was slightly anti climatic but still gives an emotional jolt – you know his health is failing but you’re still in shock over the outcome ie:weight gain of 20 lbs, high cholesterol, liver deteoration, and symtoms of nausea and depression. Two things really make this docufilm. 1. Morgan spurlock who wrote, directed and starred (this is an indi film afterall) is charming and likeable with an eye to see what makes this experiment amusing, weather its his subtle bill murray gestures to agree supersizing his meals or watching him vomit outside the local mickey d’s after his first quarter pounder. Also, 30 days of watching him eat would make boring filmmaking but he drops in various snippets of interviews with doctors, school cooks and random people on the street around the country. Also, did you know that the salad with dressing offered at mcdonald’s has as much calories as a quarter pounder with cheese. Not that healthy man. Incidentally, spurlock himself is not a vegetarian (although his girlfriend is a vegan) and doesn’t heavy handily preach his sermon to the choir.

His karma must have been watching over me. Grabbing a self made salad, strawberry soda and chips at luvalle commons (some eating place on the campus), the cute freshman clerk forgot to charge me for my healthy dinner.

Notes: Mcdonalds has since stopped offering the “Supersize” option on their menu. Also, McDonald’s CEO Jim Cantalupo passed away from a heart attack last week, april 20, of a heart attack.

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  1. The irony is not lost on us but unforturnately, will go over the head of most of the millions of people served at the golden arches.

  2. i think this movie just shows americans are bigger idiots that the rest of the world that they cant think and nor take responsibilty for their actions…they wouild rather blame on someone else and laze around further

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