San Berdoo Fires 2004?


Out in the San Bernardino Mountains yesterday morning, an arsonist thought it would be a good idea to set five fires. This during a day of record high temperatures and very low humidity, amidst tons of drought-ravaged dead and dying trees. Various suspicious folks were seen, some hunted. No captures yet, but more details were seen this time. The fires were put out by mid-afternoon, thanks to a massive response by area fire crews. Coverage: L.A. Times. San Bernardino Sun. Riverside Press-Enterprise. (Here are some photos I shot during last year’s blazes.)

2 thoughts on “San Berdoo Fires 2004?”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this yet. Glad to hear that they’re out. The first time I drove to Big Bear this year I was blown away by the effects of last year’s fires.

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