Jimminy Jeepers!

Just went to grab a bite at a little Chinese restaurant on Cahuenga half a block south of Hollywood (Hong Kong Somethingorother) and while we were eating Angelyne pulled up in her pink hoochie mobile and took a stroll. Good lord! Almost put us off our dinner! Gravity has NOT been kind to her and neither have the wonders of modern plastic surgery. If you see her on the street just run the other way… No questions asked.

5 thoughts on “Jimminy Jeepers!”

  1. I saw her a while ago having dinner at Earth, Wind, and Flour in Santa Monica. She had the waiters close the blinds by the window she was sitting at. I wondered who she was trying to protect… herself or the passer-bys…

  2. Once, i was filling gas up when i saw a pink corvette pull up. I was thinking, “what the hell, only someone like angelyne would drive something as gaudy as that”. Well fuck if it wasn’t angelyne that got out. I could not run…I still had a few dollars left to finish my gas tank with.

  3. early on in the sighting history:
    way back in 80-something, i saw a pink corvette parked in the fire lane in front of von’s.
    i told my brother, “that’s gotta be angelyne’s.”
    to which he replied somthing like, “who’s that?”
    well, imagine the flattering nature of super-market fluorescent lighting. she was scary even then. i prob’ly owe my brother some psychiatric couch time for having pointed her out.

  4. Not to diminish the awfullness of a true blue Angylene sighting, but I wanted to say that I love that restaurant. It’s the only take out style Chinese restaurant that I’ve been able to find in Hollywood. Everything in L.A. is so Thai influenced. Their lemon chicken was my favorite.

  5. Yeah, it was pretty damn good I gotta say. I was a bit worried about the “B” rating but what doesn’t kill you makes it tastier.

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