Nobody walks in L.A. (And if you’re anything like me, you might not even know there’s such a thing as public transportation in L.A.)

It took a visitor from London to prove that it *IS* possible to get from Hollywood to Van Nuys with no car in just a few hours, and for only $2.50.

Well, what she really proved is how fricken dependent I am on my car & if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t know how to get around.

London blogger/Keanuholic Jen has been staying with us for the last couple of days and since I was unable to get out of work to drive her to Van Nuys to meet up for dinner with some friends, she said she’d find her own way there. And with the help of the MTA’s Metro Trip Planner, she did. If it was me, I’d have just stayed home (or begged someone to pick me up).

I didn’t know you could plan a in-town trip online through the MTA site. Heck, I’m not even certain I knew that buses (or whatever) could really get you from Point A to Point B. In my car-centric mind, I kind of thought that buses were only on L.A. roads to 1) get in my way or 2) spew disgusting black gunk into the air.

I do vow to get on the “Go Metro” one of these days. Maybe.

6 thoughts on “Nobody walks in L.A. (And if you’re anything like me, you might not even know there’s such a thing as public transportation in L.A.)”

  1. Our sometimes writer Mr. Fogarty has lived in LA for over 4 years without a car and seems to do ok. I’ll do the train but draw the line at the busses…

  2. hey what a coincidence…I too am a Jen and a keanuphile…and I haven’t had a car in LA for almost 3 years….and recently my vespa was mowed down in a senseless act of assholehood by some loser in an SUV. But I digress. I have been using combo of the MTA and big blue bus for some time now and YES it is possible to survive in LA without a car…not for the weary or the tired, but possible…

  3. I wrote an entry in my blog about my recent trips to London and how I got around everywhere on the Tube. No car is needed in that city. their train system is very extensive. I tried to apply that experience to my L.A. existance, and I use the MTA trains whenever possible. I can get around SoCal using just the trains, but if time is an issue the bus is required.

  4. Fogarty, you’re dead on; in that it our MTA is not for the weary or the tired. Though I drive 90% of the time, the MTA is quite convenient if you are in an adventurous mood. This is most useful when I dont want to drink & drive, & I can hop on the 2 or 4 and be done with it. The 4 eastbound at night can be a veritable circus of intoxicated, and/or completely insane individuals. However, when I have to take the bus to work, it can prove to be a long & tiring trip. It seems like there is one at the back of almost every bus, complete with the yelling, the stink and the deadpan stare. Wouldn’t want to have to do it every day.

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