The Pink Lady of Malibu

pinklady1.jpgDid any of you know about the 60-foot-high image of a naked woman that once graced the entrance of a Malibu Canyon tunnel in Malibu Canyon? No, neither did I! Snooping around on Snopes, I ran into this keen as beans true story about a 1966 landmark that brought traffic to a halt way before Chaka was even suckling as a wee tagger-to-be. Lynne Seemayer (now Lynne Westmore), then a 31-year-old secretary from my hometown of suburban Northridge, worked for months to erase the tagging/graffiti that adorned a tunnel entrance at Malibu Canyon Road and went on to paint a nude buxom beauty with housepaint and brushes! Graf muralists recognize!

Forseeing potential traffic jams (motorists were already stopping their cars along the road to gaze) and accidents caused by distracted drivers, Los Angeles county officials quickly decided that the Pink Lady had to go. Early eradication efforts failed spectacularly: firefighters were unable to wash the Pink Lady away with their high-power hoses, and the liberal application of paint remover only deepened the blush of her pink skin. (Seemayer had used house paint for her creation, a substance which proved quite difficult to remove.)

Sadly The Pink Lady only survived for 5 days, as “onlookers booed in disapproval, county workers blanked out the scarcely five-day-old Pink Lady with 14 gallons of brown paint.” She fought the law, and the law won.

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  1. The Pink Lady frenzy was intense. She seemed to appear overnight, although Seemayer had been prepping the rock face for months. On the night she finally painted her, Seemayer labored in the dark for 11 hours. There’s more on the Pink Lady in The San Fernando Valley: America’s Suburb and at the book’s website at

  2. I had the delicious good fortune to be one of those who saw the pink lady in all of her splendour…… she was breath-taking. She has always been a fond memory, and I am so appreciative that I saw her with my own eyes. Too bad all of the photos online seem to be black & white.

  3. I own Lynne’s artist proof of the Pink Lady that was signed by her and given to her friend make-up artist Douglas Kelly. I will be selling the proof to the highest bidder.

  4. I am interested in purchasing photos and or proofs. Please contact me with any information.

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