I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the commercials advertising this upcoming miniseries on NBC called 10.5, which deals with a 10.5 magnitude earthquake on the West Coast, especially considering the fact that I’ve been a through big earthquakes myself.

The link to FEMA seems out of place though. :P

2 thoughts on “10.5”

  1. heehee! I love their site!

    I also loved this line “This earth-shattering four-hour miniseries stars Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) as Dr. Samantha Hill, an intellectual earthquake expert…”

    An INTELLECTUAL EARTHQUAKE? What the hell is that? Is that something that happens during a radical paradigm shift?

  2. I think it is rather inappropriate for NBC to broadcast a mini-series drama like this in the wake of the recent prediction that Southern California is due for a major earthquake before the end of the summer.

    Additionally, I did not know how to use the trackback feature, so I apologize for not having done so.

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