Now that you feel fabulously wealthy because you gots a fat tax refund coming (ok, just pretend that you do, you poor poor fool), you’re thinking, “Golly gee, what is the best way to not put this money to good use?” Of course I’m going to answer that question because why would I ask it if I weren’t going to answer it?

I just got a Ghost World Enid doll! So in your sad little attempt to emulate my life, you must go forth and seek out your Enid as well. She’s full of contempt, she’s bitchy, and she’s got a big ol’ fat ass in the movie! Yay, Enid! (the doll comes with that awesome sex store cat mask, too!) You go now.

enid doll.jpeg

PS Might I suggest moseying on over to Meltdown on Sunset? In addition to Enid, you can also purchase lots of Los Bros Hernandez books there and what kind of monster doesn’t want that?

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