some of my favorite colors in the world beat against my eyelids

Yesterday, I met a bunch of contributors down at Kathleen’s place in The Brewery for Art Walk. Kathleen has been inviting me to Art Walk forever, and I’ve always had some stupid reason why I can’t go . . . but this time all of my grown-up responsibilities were attended to in advance, and I was able to drink beer, look at art, and goof off for an entire Saturday. Goodtimes.

There’s this thing about The Brewery: because it’s an artist’s colony, it absolutely pulses with creative energy, and when I get within about forty feet of the property, this thing in my brain that makes me an artist starts to pulse and throb and hum and buzz. It’s a good feeling, and I envy the artists who are able to live there.

Best moment of the day: sitting in Kathleen’s house and watching the incredibly drunk guy down on the street try to pick fights with all the cars that drove by.

Second best moment of the day: watching the incredibly drunk guy’s girlfriend try in vain to keep him on the sidewalk.

Art Walk happens again today, and I highly recommend attending.