Public Transportation and Chinese Food


Mr. Fogarty was craving some Foo Chow yesterday so we decided to hop on down to Chinatown and grab a quick bite. Trivia: Foo Chow was the Chinese restaurant from the movie Rush Hour. How does one grab a quick bite in Chinatown when you are in the middle of Hollywood? Why hop on the Metro of course! I haven’t had a chance to ride the subway or trains yet and since Mr. Fogarty (who shall henceforth be known as Bob) is the only non-homeless person living in LA who doesn’t own a car it seemed fitting. So we descend into the bowels of Hollywood & Highland and grab some tickets and hop a Red Line train. It reminded me a lot of the D.C. subway system because it was just so damn clean but the cars reminded me of New York. It’s surprisingly uncrowded as we made stop after stop on the way to Union Station. An interesting aside is that there are no real ticket readers. If you don’t have a ticket you can just walk onto the train. From what I understand, their idea of ticket readers are armed cops who will throw ya in the clink if they catch you riding without a ticket. I think that’s the Indiana Jones’ method if I remember correctly.


So we finally make it to Union Station in about a 3rd of the time it would take to drive and pop over to the Gold Line which is very much like a trip on the monorail at Disneyworld. Very sterile and robotic and on a track that’s pretty well elevated and will toss you like a 3rd bottle of Schnapps in an earthquake. The Chinatown station is pretty damn cool and extends the monorail visit to the Epcot center. From there it’s a short walk to Old Chinatown and then to Foo Chows. The restaurant is pretty standard Chinese but damn is it good. I gotta say I’m a fan. And it took a lot less time and headache than driving. Total cost was $3 each for an all day metro pass. With gas the way it is and if we would have paid to park… All in all it was worth it and I think the Metro is going to be added to my LA travel arsenal in the near future. And they’re even finishing a line that goes all the way out to Topanga Canyon by the end of next year. Now if they’d just get that pesky Santa Monica problem sorted out life would be fine.



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  1. Hey, how is the food there and is your friend, republican? He might want to change his name.

  2. The food rocks and if he were a real republican he would have been sitting at another table. Although we had dinner with 2 registered republicans tonight and the food was better than the Foo Chow. And we don’t hate ALL republicans. Just the ones who VOTE for republicans…

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