Morgen Sighted

Morgen, who used to write here, moved to Chicago and started his own blog where he can talk about living in LA.

“Though it was never a goal, I came across my fair share of celebrities while living in LA. Of course everyone who lives there claims to be friends with one or two celebrities. From the bartender who’s “great pals” with Stiffler from Dude, Where’s My Car (“who might come by the bar later”) to the random LA wannabe who “hangs out” with the guy who is in those Cingular commercials (“he’s actually really cool”), everyone is obsessed with celebrity out there. When you see someone famous out there, you have to pretend that it’s no big deal. I was once told that celebrities deserve to have LA where they can go without feeling hounded all the time. I was unaware there were rules to the whole thing, but I inadvertently adhered to them, not out of respect, but because I just didn’t care.

Having said that, yesterday I briefly considered pulling a u-turn after I noticed John Cusack driving past in the other direction.”

John Cusack is on Caryn’s “list” and when we lived in Chicago they were filming High Fidelity right around the corner from our house. I made sure not to tell her who was in the movie until after they’d packed up and moved on, knowing for sure she would have packed up and moved on with them. In fact, that might have secretly been one of my reasons for moving out of Chicago to LA, less chance of losing my wife to Layne Meyer.