Fuck Bob

peew peew

Echo park is usually a footnote on my travels from chinatown to silverlake or hollyword but I pulled over for a bake sale for democracy. Well more like democratcy because really, do republicans need a “bake sale”. I don’t think so, don’t “they” just get on the phone and in a deep voice go “Bob, I need some more money for my campaign. Anything you got?” And bob will go in an equally deep voice, “Well Bob, when we meet at the golf course, I will wear my other dockers that have a couple of millions of dollars. Funny that both our name is bob to don’t you think. Ha. Ha. Ha”. I mean, just look at the guy in the photo in the red warm up jacket. You think that guy is a republican. NO. A. He’s wearing beat up pumas. B. His beard looks like its got a cut out stencil of the obey logo – I wasn’t sure but I didn’t wanna go up and stare. Well, since my name wasn’t bob, I supported the cause by buying some cake and cookies.

Note: Sorry about posting the bake sale after the fact. And to anyone name bob who is not a republican (maybe you should change your name).
Correction: There are still bake sales going on. Cake and cookies, how easy is that?

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  1. Hey Bill, it’s not after the fact at all. There are still lots more planned, including one next Sunday at Larchmont.

    I missed the one in Silverlake yesterday – by the time they got there, they just had a few lonely brownies and cupcakes with bleeding sprinkles.

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