Von Iva!Months upon months ago, I saw Von Iva at Spaceland. They went on unannounced when Low Flying Owls cancelled. I don’t know Low Flying Owls, but good lord, did Von Iva kick ass.

Since then, I have haunted the band’s site waiting for the announcement of another L.A. gig. As it happens, Von Iva will be appearing at M Bar, 1253 N. Vine, this very Saturday night. M Bar’s site isn’t particularly helpful from a scheduling point of view, so I gave them a call. That was even worse. But after insisting that the band, at least, seemed to have the gig scheduled, I was put on hold, asked to give my number for a callback and, in an uncharacteristic move for a nightclub, actually did receive a callback. The verdict? Von Iva goes on at 10 p.m.

I’ve never been to M Bar, but Daily Candy seems to like it. (I’ve never known a publication, on- or offline, to use the royal “We” quite as much.) Anyhoo, I’ll be there. Early. So I can find a big, cushy seat. I’m inclined to rock reclined.

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