Need a good laugh?

Go read LA Observed right now. This is part of a letter being discussed:, for instance, is more of a hybrid magazine and city guide than just a guide. It has a fresh, opinionated editorial voice (they hired a veteran style reporter as editor in chief) and delivers new information around the clock…it even has a blog, LA.COMfidential. The goal is to have people visit not just when they’re planning a trip or a night out, but on a regular basis to get their “fix.”’s president, Lynda Keeler, and editor in chief, Laurie Pike, will be in New York next week, April 21-23. Would you be interested in meeting with them? They can give you a “tour” of and explain what they’re doing to make “relevant.” They can also tell you about some other online city guides they think are getting it right.

As if the letter itself isn’t good enough, it was sent to the Los Angeles bureau chief at who, like all Los Angeles bureau chiefs, is based IN Los Angeles, not NY. Damn that’s funny.

One thought on “Need a good laugh?”

  1.….that site needs to aim to be more inclusive about the news, events, and places it covers. It seems aimed squarely at folks who never venture east past the 405, less the 101. From what I’ve seen so far, its just a slicked up, celeb-suckin’ Citysearch LA Part Deux. Toss the gloss…too much makeup!

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