I've got the power!

Tuesday night I was in need to some serious boozin so myself and Mr. R.G. Fogarty headed down the street to one of our favorite dive bars in Hollywood. The Powerhouse! It’s about half a block north of Hollywood Blvd on Highland. Directly across the street from the overpriced bowling alley “Lucky Strike” and the utterly annoying Ryan Seacrest show. They have cheap beer. An amazing jukebox and darts. It’s all about the darts! Usually we get there early enough to juke-block the entire evening but missed the window that night so we were tortured by the Bon Jovi and Prince tunes. But the darts are all important. Celeb sighting of the night was “Angel” actor Christian Kane playing darts with his friend at the board next to us for pretty much the entire evening. Too bad he’s in a Country band. Evil! If you aren’t scared of clown art and crappy beer add it to your dive-tastic list.

One thought on “I've got the power!”

  1. Ha, funny you should mention Christian Kane, since “Angel”‘s back with all new episodes leading up to the series finale next month.

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