A Milkshake with My Sharona

Tonight from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. is karaoke night at the Mel’s Drive-In on Highland. A friend of mine hosts the weekly event, but I must add this disclaimer: Mel’s is a very strange place for a karaoke night. The performers are positioned inside the U-bend of the bar facing the front door, so folks sitting at the bar get an up-close and personal experience, plus the wait staff often has to move around them to take orders or retrieve cutlery from the bins under the counter. Combine this with the fact that the seating at Mel’s on Highland doesn’t lend well to seeing anything except the people you are dining with, and you have a recipe for weird.

Still, it’s my understanding that this particular karaoke night is very popular with the post-bar crowd, allowing them the opportunity for a drunken chorus of “I Will Survive” and a coupla patty melts.