Off The Air America?

According to a report on Drudge posted just now, Air America has been yanked off the air in L.A. and Chicago, reportedly because of bouncing checks. The Smoking Gun has what seems to be an injunction filed by AAR against Multimedia Radio Broadcasting, owners of the stations in question. No word on whether Republican troops are demolishing liberal landmarks around the city. ;) I’m not near a radio at the moment — can anyone confirm or deny?

Update: apparently it is for real. See comments for more info.

Update 2: Sean has posted a followup to the ongoing saga.

3 thoughts on “Off The Air America?”

  1. I thought something was messed up because a spanish station was broadcasting on 1580 this morning when I scanned past, very interesting

  2. Air America has made a statement:

    “Air America Radio is temporarily unable to be heard on WNTD in Chicago and KBLA in Los Angeles, but Chicago and Los Angeles listeners can still hear our broadcast on the web at and on XM Satellite Radio (channel 167).

    “MultiCultural Radio Broadcasting’s conduct in this matter has been disgraceful. To shut off a broadcast that listeners rely on without warning and in the middle of discussions is the height of irresponsibility and a slap in the face of the media industry. In addition, it is a clear violation of their contractual obligations, and we are seeking legal remedies against them in court.”

  3. It’s off the air, I thought that I couldn’t find it, because it’s on AM, but I haven’t been that loyal of a listener, I’ve been listening to KPCC.

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