Um, what city are we in?

So I’ve been sporadically listening to Air America, and here’s my question: Why does the LA station – 1580 AM – seem to always be transmitting the New York feed? In the past two weeks I’ve heard about 672 commercials exhorting me to buy tickets for Tim Robbins’ “Embedded” at the Public Theatre (never mind that I couldn’t get tickets when it played at Actors’ Gang). I’ve heard a simulcast of a talk show from 770AM WABC-NY, complete with calls from Chuckie in Clifton and Jerome from the Bronx. I even caught a traffic advisory telling me to avoid the Goethals Bridge while it was being repaved, and to use the Bayonne Bridge instead. I’m keep listening to hear if they’ve suspended alternate side of the street parking.

I’m thinking of going to NYC this weekend, on a fact-finding mission to get to the bottom of this.

4 thoughts on “Um, what city are we in?”

  1. hey, it’s the same feed everywhere. At least it’s the same here in chicago. Also this means I’m really confused about where I’m living if I’m posting this here.

  2. Air America does not have a left coast feed. We are actually getting most of it (or all of it) on delay.

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