Beastly Blessings

bota.jpg Indeed, looking spiff and trim, that is his high holiness Cardinal Roger Mahony smiling benevolently (we hope) upon my Russian tortoise Buster and only a fraction away from benedicting and flinging real-deal holy water upon me, my girlfriend Susan, and said reptile who’s in the basket Susan’s holding.

It’s all part of the annual Blessing of the Animals at Olvera Street, and the turnout was huge. Susan’s a veteran of past pilgrimages, but me I was a virgin visitor (and a card-carrying Protestant, no less) and we were awed and amazed by the camped-up parade of birds, rodents, cats, dogs, and reptiles that Mahony dutifully piddled on before and after us.

Buster was a big hit, drawing questions and interest from young and old. But what I need to know is if I should be worried about the searing of my flesh where the holy water hit it!? It burns!! It burns!!

One thought on “Beastly Blessings”

  1. Hey, I remember your tortoise, he was so cool! We were sitting by the flowerbeds near you guys. My Boston Terrier was quite interested in Buster. He was such a friendly tortoise! It was our first time at the Blessing and it was really fun- But next time I wont hold my little dog as he is blessed, I got a mouthful of Holy water in the face and I swear the Cardinal laughed as he did it. My Boston has been quite well behaved since the event. However, my loudmouthed, male pit-lab mix, appropriately named “Angel” has since been excommunicated.

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