Owen Wilson? George Clooney?

This is one of of those tid bits of info that I wish some one had just tipped me off to on the sly rather than finding out about it on a public website because cool things like this tend to go away when they become too public. Yes I know I’m just making it worse with this post but if the cat is out of the bag, there’s no use in pretending it isn’t. What the hell am I talking about? BoingBoing just spilled the beans that this might just be Owen Wilson’s or George Clooney’s blog. (this post hints at the authors identity) Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but it’s great reading regardless. Hey Owen/George, if all the hype ruins that one for you and you need a new place to blog, let me know, I think we can hook something up for you.

11 thoughts on “Owen Wilson? George Clooney?”

  1. You’d think he could afford a better host than tripod. Or maybe that’s part of the Hollywood-elite mystique.

  2. I think if I wanted to do a secret anonymous blog I’d just go set up some easy thing like that. As soon as you look like you know what you are doing people start putting pieces together. No one would ever suspect me if I set up a Xanga account. =)

  3. yeah, I kind of linked to that one on purpose actually, since it hints that there’s someone hiding behind the fake name used on the site and hoped people would be able to figure out that the link to the main site would be different, but maybe I’m giving people too much credit?

  4. Whoops, you’re absolutely right, my bad. My excuse is that I’m running on empty with five hours of sleep. Should be rather entertaining for tonight. :)

  5. That blog ain’t me. I’m too busy being stoned and balancing a career of critically acclaimed but poor theatre turnout films and bad action movies but do well in the overseas market.

  6. Dude, it was your birthday two days ago and you didn’t even invite me to your party. Is that right?

  7. Your cell was cut off again! If you want to get invited to things, you have to start paying your bills on time instead of spending money on pot and “selling out” your movies in the Czech Republic buying hundreds of matinee tickets. (How many Koruny is that anyway?)

  8. if you type in owen wilson blog in google, rance’s blog is the first thing that comes up. interesting. my guess is that it’s owen wilson. it just sounds like him.

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