Are You Prepared?

Has anyone else noticed these billboards yet? They’re put up by the Los Angeles Department of Health and direct you to their site which then sends you to a site identified as – the Los Angeles Bioterrorism Unit.

Yes, we have our own bioterror unit. Read the FAQ and you find out what the LABT is doing to prepare for bioterror and what you can do.

And what can you do? Prepare as if there were going to be an earthquake. Yes, in addition to having plenty of clean water on hand, make sure you anchor all paintings and pictures on the walls and bolt your house to its foundation, this will keep you from getting some dreaded disease. It goes on to warn you not to lay in stocks of antibiotics and those gas masks will do you no good against viruses like smallpox Ö I don’t feel better. Great job health department.

4 thoughts on “Are You Prepared?”

  1. Clearly one of the more terrifying before-and-after negative effects of bioterrorism (as illustrated by your pop-up image of the billboard) is that people come to resemble members of the “What Do You Think” crew regularly featured at The Onion. Scaaaaaary!

  2. Ah, I couldn’t resist the photoshop gag. Everytime I saw that question on the billboard and the little photos beneath them, I just wanted to log on to the Onion and see what those folks had to say.

  3. Everyone needs to see this week’s BULLSHIT! on Showtime. It pretty much takes the wind out of the sails of shit like this.

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