Silver Lake Has Jumped The Shark

Of course Cybele was right last week at the Red Lion when she told me that the darling of the local theater scene and “quintessentially L.A.” playwright Justin Tanner (“Coyote Woman,” “Pot Mom,” “Zombie Attack!”) pitched his soul to the devil ó I mean Aaron Spelling… no I do mean the devil ó and is creating/exec producing the pilot airing Sept. 2004 for the potential hour-long weekly dramedy: “Silver Lake.” Previous small-screen involvement for Tanner has included “Gilmore Girls” and “My So-Called Life.”

Here’s the plot summary from “This drama revolves around a record store owner who uses his psychic abilities to communicate with the dead and help them resolve issues they left behind.” It will star “Dawson’s Creek’s” Kerr Smith and Sandra Bernhard has signed on to play a psychic.

Cybele pointed out that the record store will be modeled after Silver Lake’s beloved Rockaway Records on Glendale Boulevard. And apparently, unlike the recently failed SoCal neighborhood sudser “Pasadena,” which was filmed in Canada, “SL” will aim for authentic location shoots in and around the neighborhood. Sooooo looking forward to that.

Update (posted 04.08): Leading off the April 9 L.A. Weekly’s “A Considerable Town” column is a piece titled “Silver Lake 90026” by Jon Alain Guzik that’s all about the Spelling invasion.

4 thoughts on “Silver Lake Has Jumped The Shark”

  1. I know everybody’s all up in arms about this, but didn’t Silverlake/Los Feliz jump the shark when Swingers came out? Everybody I know was making the same complaints then. Silverlake, as an under-the-radar artists community, is long, long gone.

  2. I was unaware that “Swingers” riled the locals back in its day, but at least it didn’t have the location in its title, and it wasn’t produced by the Spelling factory. Hitch those weights to the seemingly stale and reedeekoolass “I help dead people,” vehicle and I see much riling to ensue regardless of how faint might beat the heart SL’s boho core.

  3. In a word: Pretentious.
    Sure do wish people would stop drawing attention to this one-time-bohemian-community.
    most of my friends have left..because REAL ‘artists’ cannot ‘afford’ the rents here anymore….sometimes i wake up on a saturday, drive down the street and wonder if I’m really in BRENTWOOD…certainly, I’m not, but I’d probably venture to say that 70% of the occupants of Silverlake have at one time ‘lived’ in Brentwood, or there about. It’s over, Hollywood. Stop crossing the tracks. If you really want to ‘slum’ it…check out the southern parts of L.A. Or would that be too ‘risky’???

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