Next Exit: Wal-Martville

Apparently, I’ve had my head in my nether regions because I just heard about this. To paraphrase, Wal-Mart wanted to build a huge (as in 17 football fields huge) development near Hollywood Park, but the city council didn’t want them to. So, they dipped into their deep coffers and gathered enough signatures for a ballot measure that would exempt them from the City of Inglewood’s zoning regulations, environmental controls, etc. The end result is basically a miniature city within a city; Wal-Mart’s very own fiefdom. To ensure victory, Walton and friends hired the agency responsible for the Willie Horton campaign and paid their signature gatherers $12/hour, twice what they pay the average Wal-Mart employee.

The ballot measure is being voted on today, so if you have an interest in the turnout one way or another, I’d advise you to get up and go vote now. Google it if you want more info.

One thought on “Next Exit: Wal-Martville”

  1. Wal Mart lost, and spent more than $200 per vote doing it! Let’s hear it for the good voting people of Inglewood.

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