3 thoughts on “Caryn Goes National!”

  1. No way man… TheArtBlog.com“>http://www.theartblog.com/“>TheArtBlog.com is going to be some stiff competition ;-) They do have a semi-hot couple on the beach after all.

    So I’m kinda wondering what is the upside of going with a site like that one and splitting the revenue as opposed to starting your own and keeping it all? What do they bring to the table? I’m honestly curious.

  2. Well I can’t speak for caryn, but my take on working with WIN is that they are bringing a lot to the table. I hate bullet lists but basically – I’ve been putting shit up on the web for a long time, and used lots of different revenue models, none of which ever paid me more than $200 a month and required a lot of work on my end. This is a option to have someone else deal with that entirely, so all I have to think about is posting. And since there’s people who do nothing but sell ads, it’s better financally right this minute to take half of a much bigger pie than all of a much smaller one. Also, the traffic WIN is getting is huge, so thats my stuff in front of people I could never have put it in front of on my own. Not to mention spill over traffic from sites like Engadget, etc. And, the offer they came to us with really made sense. I’ve seen a ton that didn’t, and was happy and excited to work with people who actually seem to “get it.” So I’m bringing content and traffic, and they are bringing traffic and money, and we’re both ( me and the WIN people) psyched at the end of the day. Much better than me doing it on my own and being pissed.

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