16 thoughts on “Automotive Eyesores”

  1. sir,
    i can give it to you in one word:


    i live in utter fear of of having my field of vision tainted by the ugly, smashassed pontiac aztek. ugly coming, ugly going, it is a design disaster of timeless hideousness for which someone must be held accountable! in perpetuity!

    it is the amc pacer of this decade.

    i thank you all for this opportunity to vent.

    sr d.

  2. Spinners. I hate spinners. In fact, I hate spinners with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. The bullet hole stickers are annoying, sure, but come on. Nobody needs that kind of shite on their wheels. Seriously. Spend that money on a nice stereo, or an Aztek. Fo’ sheezy.

  3. what about those stupid propellers that people put on the back of their trucks. how about those shark fins that people put on their motorcycle helmets.
    the list of bad road accessories is endless.

  4. people: just, back away from the crack pipe before you hit the auto accessories store…

  5. Spinners definitely. But the speed hole stickers are stupid as well.

    So are underbody neon lights. And putting “Type R” and (esp. misspelled) “VTEC” stickers on your car (esp. when you don’t even drive a Honda).

    Oh, and all those Calvin stickers can go to Hell.

  6. I second the Calvin sticker vote, but I’d like to make a motion to include all cartoon-children-kneeling-and-praying-in-front-of-a-cross-casting-a-shadow stickers.

  7. My vote for sticker shock goes to the the abundance of that adamant and arrogant “Jesus Is God Read The Bible” statements being plastered all over hoods and bumpers around town. It reminds me of that old Ken-L Ration dogfood commercial jingle (sing it with me): “My god’s better than your god. My god’s better than yours. My god’s better ’cause he grants me salvation. My god’s better than yours!”

  8. don’t see um…i won’t sleep tonight…….. i wonder how they react to speed bumps?

  9. you all are a bunch of fucking cry babys who gives a fuck what people put on their vehicle so quit complaining you fucking dumb asses.

  10. you all are a bunch of fucking cry babys, who gives a fuck what people put on their vehicle. so quit complaining you fucking dumb asses.

  11. you all are a bunch of fu**ing cry babys, who gives a fu** what people put on their vehicle. so quit complaining you fu**ing dumb a$$es.

  12. I would like to know WHY people put bullet hole stickers on their cars. Is this some new trend? Why in God’s name are people putting these on their cars?

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