Red Red Wine

This weekend, I went to the Bodega Wine Bar in Pasadena. Located in the yuppie shopping mecca Paseo Colorado, it is a comfortable, well-designed and surprisingly unpretentious place to grab a drink and a snack before a movie or after a grueling day of dropping lots of cash at Coach or Macy’s. And it has an open design, so you can sit inside and people-watch while you get your drink on.

Best of all is their happy hour pricing – discounts on glasses of wine and inexpensive appetizer and pizza specials. Two glasses of wine each for two people plus three appetizers (including yummy toasted pita bread with hummus) was under $30 before tip. And happy “hour” is from opening time until 7, every day – not just Monday through Friday.

I suggest a field trip to Bodega! First order of pita bread’s on me.

4 thoughts on “Red Red Wine”

  1. The chairs at that place are weird. Hard plastic & wine? WTF?

    I think the Yardhouse is a better choice with the sampler where you get to try six different beers.

    Or perhaps a pub crawl is in order from Lucky Baldwin’s to Hooter’s to Bodega to Yardhouse…

  2. Sounds cool. Especially the happy hour deal. I’d like to try this and the tasting at Silverlake Wine that Cybele mentioned.

  3. dunno what else to say but:

    1) gots a pro’lem w/the happy hour combos of “otherwise perfectly drinkable” wine combo’d w/SODA!


    2) yo, kat:
    yuz my neybo –
    why U prefer to go solo vs inviting me along?
    (wazzup? – i cramp U style?)
    …fret not, fair maiden

    3) (on the plus side:)
    like the interior,
    liked the vibe,
    wine selection: o’tay –
    missed the stemware tho’ – (BIGtime),
    kewl spinning –
    last time was there;
    other-than-offensive-looking barkeep on thurs…


    maybe i’ll return –


    sorry, kat –
    up 2 U, really


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