Local DumpsterDiva for Today’s Domestic Diva

L.A. area local Sonya Nimri was selected out of 3,000 would-be divas who submitted a 1 minute video and an essay in hopes having their own segment on the Today Show. Sonya also currently works at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where she works with my friend (and contributor to my website) “sharky the kid.”

Voting at the Today Show website is open Monday and Tuesday only, and I’ve taken to endorsing Sonya Nimri on my website. If you’re not convinced to vote for Sonya just because *I* said so, then you need only to visit Sonya Nimri’s official website: dumpsterdiva.com for some great examples of her work. (It is also where I “borrowed” her picture from, since the one on the MSNBC website is so hard to see.)

The voting page is accessible via this link.

Taken from the Today Show’s website:

DIVA NO. 2 Sonya Nimri


Name: Sonya Nimri
Hometown: Santa Monica, Calif.
Age: 27
Occupation: Assistant program manager
Favorite diva skill: Flower arranging
Professional experience: Guest on cable shows

Sonya is a 27-year-old assistant program manager for the UCLA Anderson school. She helps organize a 72-member class of executives who are returning to school to get their MBA — coordinating class schedules, catering, parties and overseas trips for the student executives.

Sonya’s “diva” philosophy is to reinvent the ordinary into something extraordinary. She says she’s the “MacGyver” of creative crafting and interior design and describes her style as “bohemian chic.”

Sonya comes from a diverse background with roots in Thailand and Jordan which influence her eclectic, artistic designs.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Bill visited her site to see what she was all about. She likes to talk about herself in the third person? Bill was just wondering.

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