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mp.jpg Bored out my bones and up too late as I’m unable to properly process the spring-forward-my-ass Daylight Savings Time bullshit, I got to deluding myself that it might be a diversion ó however cheesy ó to do a weekly mystery photo contest thing here.

So here we go. The rules are simple: Be the first one to EyeDee the location of the friggin’ subject in the image at left, and you’ll win a prize. A prize? Indeed, the winner will receive a collector’s edition Tush sticker courtesy yours truly, like the one thumbnailed at right (actual size is 3″ x 5″, retail value $3.50). What… you thought there was a real prize? Ha. Get a loada you. Pfffft.

tinytush.jpgWell ain’tcha gonna give us a freakin’ clue? Sure, I can do that. This week’s politically grafitti’d wreck has been sitting in the same place for more than a year (but the encouragement to particpate in the electoral process was sprayed only a few days ago). It can be seen from a street whose name is the same as that of Raquel Welch’s character in a really bad 1970s movie (of the same name) she starred in ó and since that’s like giving it away, I’ll shut up. The winner’ll be posted next Sunday, along with a new photo. Got it? Good.

Clue No. 2 (posted 04.08): This street passes under Sunset Boulevard.

9 thoughts on “b.la mystery photo contest”

  1. Excellent question! I’m thinking you can post your answers right here in the comments!

  2. Survey Says! Don’t think so. While indeed there is a Caulder Street located in Burbank… a quick review the this website’s domain name reminds us that we are blogging.EL LAY, oui? As in Los An-hell-esssss. Si?

    So thanks for playing and stay tuned for Clue No.2. Coming Soon. In the meantime, think first names, baby. First names!

  3. Is it Myra? I wanted to run across it by accidentally, but fate be damned. I want a sticka and I’m prepared to use my Thomas Guide to get it.

  4. Just under the wire and absolutely correct! The street upon which this vehicle is located is, indeed: Myra. Should you wish to view it yourself, it’s situated just south of the Sunset Blvd. overpass on the east side of the street.

    Thank you for playing (and your Tush sticker is on its way).

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