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Growing up in the crenshaw and east area of los angeles, my association with graffiti is closely tied to gang tags and the ruining of private property. However, there are few artist ie: twist and shepard fairey that are able to transcend that connection despite using the urban landscape as their canvas.

Space Invader is great, you walk around the city and as your eyes arbitrarily surveys the mundane architect, a 6 x 6 tile of the space invaders icon suddenly appear. Its cemented on, is it part of the original design or the whimsical folly of some construction worker, no, its the mad genius of space invader (or whatever he goes by). Out of france, most of his works appear in europe but he’s left his calling cards in tokyo, perth as well as los angeles including the six space gallery and parts of hollyword.

But taken out of context, the space invader show at subliminal projects (the old black market spot on wilshire and western) is pretty ordinary – So you get a few walls with some large tiles of space invader on it, three monitors looping some of his guerilla techniques and another wall with maps of various citys and location marks. At least when you go to a twist or fairey show, they have new multi media presentations or pieces that have somewhat pushed their creative envelopes. I guess part of the excitement of s.i.’s work is discovering it unexpectedly in the outside world. Just big (and not like super huge) tiles of space invaders inside a gallery was kinda gimped. It was like watching michael jordan in uniform stretching out during warmups. Not much to it. His site on the other hand, is pretty cool though.

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  1. I think it’s important to point out that the focus of this show was to highlight everything that went into the pieces he’s put on the Hollywood sign specifically, and more of an overall concept and a real exhibition of his work.

  2. Thanks sean, it wasn’t apparent to me although I’m figuring he’s going to gear up for his larger exhibition coming toward the end of the year. Whats that gallery called again? four space, five space, seven space? Something like that.

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