Dodgers roll the dice…

So the Dodgers took Milton Bradley off the Indians’ hands yesterday. You know you have a winner on your hands when the first phrase used to describe him in the ESPN story is ‘troubled outfielder.’ And Milton ‘Troubled’ Bradley is going to get us runs? I decided to focus instead on the positive, on the silver lining. While I figure out what that is exactly, here’s Milton’s namesake:


‘Bradley began his career as a draftsman and lithographer, owning the first lithographic press in Western Massachusetts. He founded Milton Bradley Company, Publishers & Lithographers, in 1860, around the time the photograph at left was probably taken. His kits of “Games of Soldiers,” a set of pocket-sized travel games, were marketed to soldiers during the Civil War.’ — Springfield Museums site.

3 thoughts on “Dodgers roll the dice…”

  1. I thought it was a good pick up. We gave up a promising although unproven minor leaguer (Franklin G) and heck, the game man is only 25 yo. Sure he’s a malcontent but until he starts being the sheffield cancer, I’m happy.

  2. Well, he’s batting third and playing center in tonight’s opener, so my fingers are crossed. :) The Times article on the acquisition was more optimistic:

    “I don’t think the solution lies in just one player,” DePodesta said. “But if anyone is close to being that one player, he’s probably the guy.”

  3. i think it was a good move, too. bradley is a potential all-star cf who hit .321/.421/.501 last year and is young enough to improve (it’s only his third year in the big leagues). clubhouse issues aside, he’s a good ball player. dePo knows what he’s doing, and for a team w/ no offense anyway, bradley is a HUGE step up. i’m not sayin’ that the dodgers are gonna do any better than third this year, but it’s a definite improvement.

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