The Decemberists like tangerine liqueur

The DecemberistsNormally, I wouldn’t go around pushing bands on people, but for The Decemberists, I shall make an exception. Officially one of my Favorite Bands of 2003, this Portland five-piece is often compared to Neutral Milk Hotel, which is grand and all, but I find them more musical and whimsical. Whimusical? Anyway, they sing about ghost ships and stolen bicycles, plus they do a number called “Los Angeles, I’m yours,” which just about nails the love-hate relationship I have with our fair city.

They’re bound to play that on Wednesday night at the Troubadour, so go see ’em. Tickets are still on sale, and if you fax the Troubadour, you won’t have to pay’s outrageous “convenience” fees. I’ll be there and maybe I’ll even buy you a beer.

3 thoughts on “The Decemberists like tangerine liqueur”

  1. I’m so glad you’re pushing The Decemberists! They are one of my new favorite bands – just because they sound so much like Neutral Milk Hotel.
    I can’t believe I’ll miss their concert on Wednesday because I will be out of town! Have fun!

  2. I saw the Decemberists a month or two ago at the Echo and they put on a great show, but for a variety of reasons (too lazy to fax, too unwilling to pay ticketbastard fees) I still haven’t gotten tickets for Wednesday.

    I’m asking people not to buy tickets until I get mine, because I’m worried the concert will sell out (which happens to their shows in NYC, anyway).


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