garm101.jpg I occasionally pretend to be an athlete on the streets and trails of L.A. and beyond. I do odd shit like with my friend and fellow contributor Cybele last year when I biked in the L.A. Marathon Bike Tour and then met her afterward and we walked the whole dang thing as well. Freaky. And then there’s last September when I cycled from San Francisco to Santa Clarita over eight days. Nuts. Plus there’s all that silly mountain biking I do in them thar hills รณ as if heading up a mountain isn’t bad enough, I haul a 30-pound bike along. Loony.

But man oh man, have I just found a gadget that suits such craziness like an Armani straight jacket. I tested it this morning riding up in the Verdugos above Glendale again and boy howdy it’s a keeper. Manufactured by a company called Garmin, the Forerunner 101 is a feature-rich Global Positioning System (GPS) personal training device that’s small enough to strap to your wrist while you chart a path across City Walk or hike into and out of the Angeles Nat’l Forest, storing the data points and results such as mileage traveled, speed, elapsed time, and elevation gain/loss along the way. Cost? Under a hundie. Got mine at

3 thoughts on “Gadgetgasm”

  1. That’s a real peach of a tech toy (except for the fugly industrial design). The feature that really caught my eye was the virtual running partner which you try to keep pace with (or rather, ahead of).

  2. Indeed, the design does leave something to be desired (and in truth, half-way up the hill during my ride yesterday I took it off my wrist and strapped it to the neck of the bike cuz it is kinda bulky), but the features rock!

  3. You know I could have sworn Sean mentioned something about getting us all one of these as part of our severance package in the buyout of That and a T-shirt. ;)

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