Trolley Dodgers 2004

This coming Monday is the home opener for the Dodgers, going up against the Padres in Chavez Ravine for their first game of the 2004 regular season. To hear some people talk about it, the season — not even started yet — is already over. Mostly because of shenanigans with the storied club’s new ownership, but also because of a lack of an ability to score runs, a long-standing need that went unaddressed during the off-season.


To understand some of the passion surrounding all this, did you know the Dodgers haven’t won a playoff game since 1988? To put that into a little historical perspective, The Dodgers won the first of 21 National League pennants in 1890. And now they haven’t won a playoff game in 16 years….


Between this and the pitiful Kings…well, we can be thankful there’s one team we can cheer for. That one’s a given, however.

Oh wait, there is another talented team, a team that has won a championship before, and their home opener is tomorrow. And considering there may not even be an NHL season next year…

Go Galaxy!