The notice is short, but the rest is all man.

If you’re looking for something swingin’ to do on Saturday, I highly recommend catching Rene Risque & the Art Lovers at The Spider Club. Rene and his crew are hard to describe. It’s sort of Hedwig meets Burt Bacharach: a bit of a stage show, some turgid backstory and a slew of stylish international lovers.

Anyway, here’s the strangely-formatted information:

Saturday, April 3…† Los Angeles….†
Private Party at The Spider Club, LA, and you are invited.†

Thanks to the generosity of Like Minded Sophisticate, Donovan Leitch,
admission is complimentary for you and your party.
Why? Because you are on the exclusive, Art Lovers List.
But, you MUST RSVP to me at [email protected] .††

Rene & the Lovers will play at 9:30 pm.
The Spider Club: 1737 North Vine.† ††

Afterwards, we will all relax together in a sophisticated environment until late.
(We know that the band is listed at the Derby or Tangiers that night.† The Lovers will NOT be playing in either of these rooms.† If you want to see them, go to the Spider Club.)

Continuously available to hear your concerns, I remain,
Mr. Fernet Branca
Executive Assistant