traffic’s moving mighty slow

Truckers are pissed that diesel fuel prices are higher than regular gas prices, so they’re having a protest today.

How’s that, you ask? How are they winning the hearts and minds of Los Angeles?

Well, by blocking entire freeways with their trucks, then walking away, of course.

News is still developing, so we don’t know if this is a bunch of truckers, or just a few, but it appears to be coordinated across several different freeways, including the 5, 110, and 405.


when you sleep with someone…

you sleep with everyone else they’ve ever slept with.

As Sean noted, a 3rd porn star in LA has tested positive for HIV.

What’s alarming is the last sentence in this news article:

“…the health department was to use the information to interview the performers and determine whether they may have passed on HIV to people outside the porn business. “

It’s not that hard to imagine how this could cause a huge problem in the mainstream population.

You are in a “monogamous” relationship. Unbeknownst to you, your partner cheats.

Perhaps not directly with a porn star, but imagine the person they cheated with has had some ummmm, interesting anonymous encounters. And porn stars get tested all the time, so it must be safe, right?

The ACLU is upset about the county Department of Health Services obtaining health records.

This girl isn’t.

Star Quality

JPeterson.jpgFor the past three years, I’ve watched a one-legged man move up and down Hollywood Boulevard, polishing each star on the Walk of Fame.

But it wasn’t until I read this article that I found out his name. If you can overlook the NYT’s condescending tone (“The leaves are falling in Central Park, he knows. In the Hollywood Hills, the eucalyptus trees are beginning to stink like tomcats.”), it’s worth a read.

Plus, there’s some choice inside scoop on the state of Ronald Reagan’s star. Ew.

This is what it sounds like when dogs fly


REMINDER! This is tonight

On Thurday, Conveyor/Fred Segal Santa Monica will be hosting a reception for the premiere west coast show of Skewville, which is some pretty exciting news for fans of street art. Their work revolves around the creation of hand-cut wooden, sneakers, or Dogs, that they toss over power lines all over the world. They began in 1999 and have tossed over 3,000 pair so far, including a couple of pair currently visible on Sunset in front of the Vice store.

Coast To Coast, the exhibit they created exclusively for this Conveyor show, will serve as their launch for a new series of limited edition Dogs: they created the new Coast To Coast shoe design, made 100 pair, will toss 50 and the remaining 50 will be for sale in their own specially designed boxes.

The show will also feature photos of Dogs tossed over power lines all over the world, and limited edition silk-screened wood posters. These guys have a great design sense, and, even if you’re not a fan of the Dogs project, the poster and packaging work should be great.

[email protected] Segal Santa Monica
420 Broadway
Reception on Thursday, April 29th 6-10PM
Show on view Apr 29-May 26

Slanguage at Ivy Substation – Special Offer!

slanguage.jpgI got an email (actually several) about the new Taper Too show, Slanguage that premieres this weekend. It’s a new work by the group Universes and according to the NY Times it’s “EXUBERANT, INSIGHTFUL ENTERTAINMENTÖ a work of heart and soul.”

If you think you can’t afford to go, think again. Luis Alfaro is extending this special offer if you order via phone or web for $10 tickets:

Luis Alfaro: I know you might think you have this show all figured out and that the evening will consist of “yo yo, throw your hands up in the air – hizzle schizzle fizzle in the house’ stuff.

People you are so wrong.
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The L.A. Phil released a statement that a rare Stradivarius cello played by their Principal Cellist Peter Stumpf was stolen from a home in Loz Feliz. They’re asking the public for tips and information. From what I understand, this cello is one of only 60 Strad cellos in the entire world. Even people who don’t know/like/care about classical music have at least heard of the famed Stradivarius stringed instruments & know how exceptional & uncommon they are.

Peter Stumpf with the cello. Click for the hi-res image from (1.9 mb) The cello case.  Click for the hi-res image from (130 kb) Peter Stumpf playing the cello.  Click for the hi-res image from (384 kb)

If I was a professional cellist who had my cello (especially a Strad) stolen, I think I would probably just cry until it was returned.

But what’s the point of stealing something so unusual? To me, it’s akin to stealing a piece of artwork that is “priceless” because it’s unique. Though valued at $3.5 million, this cello is really irreplaceable. It’s not like you can go and sell such a cello without someone realizing that it was the stolen cello. Besides which, part of the value of the cello (aside from the obvious quality & sound of the instrument), is the fact that it is a Stradivarius and that Strads are rare. And if you don’t say it’s a Strad, the value would go down considerably.

I don’t get it.

The L.A. Phil statement is below…

PSA: Voter Registration Alert

I volunteered to be a poll worker during the last election in California, when the presidential primaries, judge and senate seats, and several state measures were on the ballot. Because there were presidential primaries on the ballot, we had to check each voter’s party affiliation and give them the correct ballot for their party. Two of my neighbors came in, and when I checked their registration, both were registered as Republicans. When I informed them of this fact, they flipped out. You see, not only are they staunch lefties, they have never registered as Republicans in their lives.

I mention this because several of my friends, all lifelong registered Democrats, have begun receiving snail mail from the Republican National Committee recently. This is exactly what happened to my neighbors – they began receiving mail from the RNC unexpectedly, but just chalked it up to being on the wrong mailing list somewhere. Turns out their party affiliation had been changed without their knowledge or consent.
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What Possible Good Can Come of It?

I’m confused by people sometimes. They seem to want something, but I am unable to figure out what it is. Then they seem annoyed at my befuddlement.

I drive home on Santa Monica Blvd. I come to a fork in the road. I can take the 101 to Silverlake Blvd, which is not a shorter route, but certainly faster if the traffic is moving. Or I can stay on Santa Monica to Sunset Blvd. It’s the same really, slower traffic, but reliably steady.

When I get to the on-ramp, I can’t tell if traffic is backed up. So, if certain conditions are right, I will get into the turn lane and when I get up there to turn, I can peek at the traffic. If it’s stopped up, I’ll simply merge back into the traffic on Santa Monica. I only do this if the traffic allows me to, of course. Occasionally though there’ll be someone behind me. They will honk, ride my ass. I’m unclear why. A horn really is an inadequate communication device. That doesn’t stop people from using them, after all, the government mandates that every driver possess one.
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That’s “Heavyweight,” with an 8


Well, is this is turning out to be a fine weekend for art. First Skewville, and now HVW8! This Friday night, 33 1/3 Books and Gallery Collective in Echo Park will be hosting an art show with the Montreal-based collective.

“Politcal Minded II” is the second installment of Heavyweight’s ongoing series of portaits and hommages to figures that the painting collective has considered of social and political influence and interest. Heavyweight’s work is known to feature portrait dedications to musical, artistic and cultural icons in elaborate colorful canvases. I don’t know if they’re planning on doing any of it, but these guys are some of the best live painters in North America as well. Hopefully we’ll get a taste of that.



Down By The River

river.jpgSure, the Los Angeles River is recognized more as an embarrassing concrete-encased flood channel rather than a marvel of modern civil engineering. And yeah, save for a few stretches between the San Fernando Valley and Long Beach (such as Bull Creek, pictured, in the Sepulveda Basin), she might not be all that much to look at. But she’s ours and it’s that time of year when a bunch of her dedicated friends get together to wax about what possibilities for river renewal may come and to give her an extreme makeover.

May 1 (from 9 a.m. to noon) is the big day for La Gran Limpieza, otherwise known as the 15th Annual Great Los Angeles River Clean Up organized by the Friends of the Los Angeles River (FOLAR). Each year these river rats get down and dirty and wet together, freeing their beloved waterway from some 25,000 pounds of debris.

There are 10 clean-up sites, from the Tujunga Wash off the 210 Freeway to the Golden Shore Wetlands off the 710 in Long Beach. More local to LA, clean-ups are planned in Griffith Park, Los Feliz (where I’ll be) and Elysian Valley. The first hundie volunteers at each site get a free t-shirt.

FOLLOW-UP (05.02): A report from the front at the Los Feliz clean-up area

Supersize me!

I love to smile

Hanging around ucla on a record breaking hot day meant seeing a lot of girls in skimpy clothes and a free screening of Supersize me, courtesy of my friend jessica.

Its no surprise that mcdonald’s serves unhealthy food so the film about morgan spurlock and his 30 days of eating strictly big mac’s and everything else offered on the menu was slightly anti climatic but still gives an emotional jolt – you know his health is failing but you’re still in shock over the outcome ie:weight gain of 20 lbs, high cholesterol, liver deteoration, and symtoms of nausea and depression. Two things really make this docufilm. 1. Morgan spurlock who wrote, directed and starred (this is an indi film afterall) is charming and likeable with an eye to see what makes this experiment amusing, weather its his subtle bill murray gestures to agree supersizing his meals or watching him vomit outside the local mickey d’s after his first quarter pounder. Also, 30 days of watching him eat would make boring filmmaking but he drops in various snippets of interviews with doctors, school cooks and random people on the street around the country. Also, did you know that the salad with dressing offered at mcdonald’s has as much calories as a quarter pounder with cheese. Not that healthy man. Incidentally, spurlock himself is not a vegetarian (although his girlfriend is a vegan) and doesn’t heavy handily preach his sermon to the choir.

His karma must have been watching over me. Grabbing a self made salad, strawberry soda and chips at luvalle commons (some eating place on the campus), the cute freshman clerk forgot to charge me for my healthy dinner.

Notes: Mcdonalds has since stopped offering the “Supersize” option on their menu. Also, McDonald’s CEO Jim Cantalupo passed away from a heart attack last week, april 20, of a heart attack.