Shiseido Studio

Want to learn something about makeup or perfume? Need a facial massage? How about for free? Head over to Shiseido Studio in Santa Monica (425 Broadway).

How can you resist a place that says “Technology is here to assist you and help direct you toward products that might interest you most.” What sort of technology do you suppose they have to assist and direct you? I’m getting Minority Report flashbacks. Do you suppose they replace eyeballs, too?

Famous Actor Enjoying A Spa Treatment?

“There are no limits, no cash registers, no reasons why not.” Which sounds great, until you realize their definition of “no limits” is the usual marketingspeak (one free class per calendar year). Like “No Fear” or “Ultimate Combo.” One reason “why not,” by the way, is that God knows what sort of fashionistic cult you might be indoctrinated into during these “treatments” and “classes,” but hey, it’s free. Once a year.

“The Shiseido Studio is a place where everything is complimentary.”

Me, I think I’d prefer a place where everything was complementary. “Hey, you look great today! Is that a new cologne? You smell awesome! And what a lovely shade of green your eyes are!” And it would be free. Year-round.

Seriously, though, you should go check it out. And let us know how it goes. No. Really. Go check it out.

2 thoughts on “Shiseido Studio”

  1. I took their free make-up class. It was a lot of fun and entirely free. A girl from the west coast had her 4 friends over in L.A. and they were all there hanging out. I recommend it, in spite of taking me one entire week to overcome the (almost) irresistable “need” of purchasing all the $350 (guesstimated) worth of cosmetics!

    Instead, I went to Long’s Drugs and bought all Almay-Covergirl-Revlon stuff with less money and more skills.

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