I’ll be brief…

One of the things I like to do with my digital camera is collect images of weird found objects that I see lying around town. For example, I once found a lone salt shaker standing atop a fire hyrdrant on Melrose on a busy Saturday afternoon. Well, I thought I’d share with you, lucky reader, my latest find. I present for your edification: one pair of used men’s briefs, “tightey-whiteys” as they’re called in the common tongue, left without explanation at the corner of Detroit and Waring. Delicious.

Most of the time, I love living in the middle of L.A.. But I have to say, every now and then…I have my doubts.

3 thoughts on “I’ll be brief…”

  1. What a great catch! I have yet to document such oddities but I salute you for the quick thought when you spotted those “tigthey-whiteys”!

    One thing that still freaks me out a bit are homeless people who have fallen asleep in odd positions in the middle of the street, eh sidewalk that is. I always wonder if they’re dead or just asleep. Yesterday I saw a man lying motionless in the sand, face down, on the beach in Santa Monica. I wondered how he was able to breathe in such a strange position.

  2. digital cameras… never leave home without it.

    come over to my place and take a photo of the used condom on the sidewalk. ewwwwwww…

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