Check out “Sex Parasite” at Taper, Too

Last night I saw a preview of Sex Parasite, a wonderful new play by Jessica Goldberg, which is kicking off this yearís Taper, Too series. I highly, highly recommend checking this one out ñ itís insightful, moving, and very funny. Also, it features an absolutely ferocious performance from Kirsten Potter in the lead role as Olive Schreiner, a social-climbing, intellectual feminist, whose head and heart canít stay in agreement. Itís been a while since Iíve seen a play that I wanted to see a second time. But Iíll be going back to this one. The program notes that the characters are based on real-life figures, but that ìgreat libertiesî have been taken. Iím definitely going to read up before going back. Does anyone know the history of Olive Schreiner, Havelock Ellis, Karl Pearson, or the Men and Womenís Club of London?