Come As You Are

There are two major classic rock stations in L.A. – Arrow 93.1 and KLOS 95.5. I tend to prefer Arrow, because they tend to play better music, and KLOS plays Led Zeppelin like every fourth song (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But today I found another reason not to like KLOS: I tuned in today and they were playing Nirvana. Now, I know that Nirvana was a great band (arguably) and is destined to be a rock classic, but seriously, I don’t expect to hear a 10 year old song on a “classic” rock station. I expect to hear stuff that’s as least as old as I am. Way to make me feel old, KLOS. I’ll be listening to Arrow play the nice, soothing sounds of the ’70s from now on.

2 thoughts on “Come As You Are”

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