The View From Here

view.jpg So in memory of Cesar Chavez and in celebration of having the day off from work in his honor, I decided to embrace his most famous quote, !Si se puede┬░ (Yes we can!), and take the first step this still relatively young year towards getting into better health before my age becomes higher than my IQ this May.

So I dusted off my mountain bike, stocked up on water, pretzels and a pb&j sammich and trucked myself into Glendale, wherein duly sunscreened and bug sprayed, I hauled myself slowly through the hellacious temps up the Beaudry North fire road to the Verdugo fire road to the Crossroads (where the Verdugo FR intersects with the Brand FR that comes up from Brand Park). There’s a nice little bench there for relaxing and whipping out the digicam to grab some snaps of the view. The image doesn’t do the wonderful view justice, but it gives you an idea of what the payoff is. What’s really nice is that the hillsides are finally beginning to green back up from the fire that swept through about 18 months ago.

I’ll happily supply directions to anyone interested in how to get there.

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  1. Hey, I’m interested in making that hike. What’s the elevation gain? Where’s the trailhead? Is it in Brand Park?

  2. Excerpt of the email sent to Wil Wheaton (minus all the behaving like one of those clinging questioning “But why wasn’t Wesley spelled with a ‘T?'” conventioners that he can’t shake away from the autograph table):

    1) To get to the trail I traveled yesterday:

    From Pasadena, come east on the 134 Freeway to the 2 North. You’ll exit the 2 at Mountain Street and turn left to go downhill on Mountain to Verdugo Road. Turn right on Vedugo Road and then get on over to the left lanes as you’ll want to bear left onto Canada Blvd where it splits from Vedugo a block or so up from Mountain. Stay on Canada about a mile and a half or so until you spy Country Club Drive, which will be on your left. You’ll make a left onto Country Club Drive and just wind on up that until the Oakmont Country Club is on your left [ Edit: right] and Beaudry Blvd. is on yourright [Edit: left]. You’ll make a left onto Beaudry and head up past one stop sign until you come to a decent curve in the road. Park anywhere near that bend and there’s the entrance to the Mountain fire road right there. beside the storm wash.

    Or I could’ve just cut to the chase and said Thomas Guide page 534, grid G5. Duh.

  3. You are correct Cybele! And as far as I know it was considered the work of an arsonist who was never apprehended.

  4. I remember those water-dropping helicopters sucking water out the Silverlake Reservoir, we could see the flames from the lake. I was meeting a friend for coffee at The Coffee Table and saw them coming overhead. We got our drinks to go and walked over to watch them. It’s really fascinating to see them dip their hoses into the water and then make the corrections as their weight changes so dramatically.

    I’m glad to hear the area is recovering.

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