Another LA Blogger Get-Together

Just wanted to mention that there was a an impromptu get-together of three members of the community earlier today, as I said hi to Wil at Creation’s 12th Annual Grand Slam: The Sci-Fi Summit, who then introduced me to’s Kathleen. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone else from here, and since I had to miss Saturday’s LA blogger get-together, this was a nice surprise.

As for the convention itself, I’ve hated Creation with a passion before and I still hate them, as TPTB that run them are major disorganized assholes. It’s really too bad they have a monopoly on the whole sci-fi/genre convention business. Still, the get-together was a treat, and I had fun hanging out with my friends and the “Buffy” and “Angel” celebs who were there.

One thought on “Another LA Blogger Get-Together”

  1. OMG, Jeff rubbing elbows with the beautiful people.

    Don’t forget us little people now, ok?

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