The Hollywood Bug

Prior to moving to LA a couple of years ago, I was never much of a film buff. But all that changed as soon as I started taking advantage of all the opportunities here to see not merely the latest Hollywood releases, but classics, independents, and quirky film festival offerings. It was impossible for me to live here and not become somehow enamored of the silver screen and the grand movie palaces located throughout the city.

Yet there are always so many things going on that it’s sometimes overwhelming to sort through all the options. If revival, repertory, and specialty films are your cup of tea, the Film Radar website and mailing list are invaluable resources. In addition to calendar listings of classic, documentary, avant-garde, foreign, silent, and cult classic screenings, the website provides details on some of the more interesting venues in town, including several historic theaters. I also recommend subscribing to the mailing list for weekly synopses of current and upcoming events.

As for my own current film pick, I’m excited about COL-COA (City of Lights, City of Angels), the annual French Cinema festival. COL-COA will run from March 29 through April 3 this year, and sceenings will include several US/West Coast/LA premieres. Several of the films are followed by Q&A’s, another great feature of filmgoing in LA.

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