Less Chocolate, More Campos

Seems that the Great Fuck Incident of 2004 is not the only shakeup over at The Dub. Garth Trinidiad’s Chocolate City is moving to a once a week affair. The newsletter says it’s so he can “spend more time with his family.” Doesn’t that sound like he’s resigning a cabinet post under duress? Maybe there’s a purge going on.

He’s being replaced by Raul Campos‘ show Nocturna. Now I’m a happy camper, as it will be following Metropolis, my favorite music show on that station. Except for the Santa Monica City Council meetings – that shit rocks. Congrats on the promotion, Raul!

One thought on “Less Chocolate, More Campos”

  1. I’m happy about Raul Campos’ move, fer sure. Chocolate City was not my fave show, though I enjoyed it now and again. I happened to be listening the other night and Garth Trinidad was talking about wanting to spend more time with his family. I didn’t get anything more from it, but who knows.

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