Jam Master Jay

I generally dislike KCRW when it comes to their musical selections nowadays (a little too programmed and corporate influenced for my tastes), but NPR and All Things Considered remains a favourite broadcast to tune into while driving. And even more so now that magician, author, slight-of-hand artist, and occassional actor (I loved him in Boogie Nights, The Spanish Prisoner and The Heist) Ricky Jay has his own ongoing commentary called Jay’s Journal. Bodes well for injecting some new viewpoints in an already excellent lineup of commentators. Too bad radio doesn’t allow much in regards to observing his magic tricks.

2 thoughts on “Jam Master Jay”

  1. This has actually been on for a year or so. Maybe longer. I wish I could catch it more often.

    As an aside, how cool is his website? I just love to look at it.

  2. Yeah, you’re right…I guess I just listen to KCRW so infrequently that I didn’t catch his commentary till now. Boo me!

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