$14?! Yes, $14.

or, Why I Love the Arclight Cinema

  • Delicious, FREE popcorn for members during the second and fourth weeks of April
  • Oddly, but still somehow appealing, a FREE martini glass for members during the first and third weeks of April
  • Sparkling restrooms
  • The box office salesperson who nonchalantly sold a ticket to Viggo Mortensen, waited until he was out of earshot and then grinned hugely and said “Viiiiiggo Morrrrrtensen” to nobody in particular
  • Four-hour parking validation, so you can always fit in a trip to Amoeba after your movie
  • Reserved seats you can purchase online
  • Those crazy ushers
  • Sometimes, they let you bring in booze!
  • 360 membership points (I’m hoarding to one thousand.)

6 thoughts on “$14?! Yes, $14.”

  1. You beat me to an Arclight post – I was there last night for Eternal Sunshine. I always want the ushers to conclude their little pre-show speech with “Thank you for flying Arclight.” Either that, or introduce themselves as “Julie, your cruise director.”

    Sometimes, the $14 is worth it simply so I don’t have to sit through commericals. Ick.

  2. One time we were running late and, I swear, it seemed like they delayed the movie until we sat down.
    It’s more than worth it, it’s a bargain.

  3. yeah, lucky Caryn wasn’t there, however I don’t think his hair would have been wet and they don’t have those big wooden double doors at arclight so I think you’d miss half the appeal.

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