Oh Winter, Where Art Thou?

If you’re like me, this time of year is something of an emotional mixed bag. While it’s hard to ignore the siren song of California’s gorgeous spring weather, the reality is that ski season (or, as I like to call it, snowboarding season) is slowly coming to a close. And, unfortunately, the last several weeks of unseasonably warm weather haven’t exactly helped to draw the season out. But you still have time to get in a few runs; at least a taste of snow is predicted Friday into Saturday for the local mountains and decent snowfall earlier in the season means there’s enough base to keep riding for the next three weeks or so.

Lots of people bitch about riding in SoCal, but if Bear Mountain is good enough for Shaun White it’s good enough for me. Plus, Mammoth is really pretty close and they have one of the longest seasons in the country (not to mention a jaw-dropping 17′ base).

If you totally missed out this year and want to avoid repeating your mistake, you should know that Bear just started selling their Screamin’ Deal Passes. They’re good for the rest of this season and all of next and the prices are reduced until June 1st. Plus, if you fancy a quiet hike or a teste-shrinking mountain-bike descent, some versions them are valid all summer as well.

One thought on “Oh Winter, Where Art Thou?”

  1. Oh 5o0o, our leader and thought processor;

    Iím sitting up here watching it snow a beautiful Champaign powder in Colorado and I have to comment (flame) on your blog about the snow conditions at SoCal resorts. Iím sorry to hear about your ìjaw dropping 17í foot base” is only 20î now. I hope that is snows more down there, otherwise we would not only have to deal with Texans but also Californians. I canít imagine hearing some valley girlís version of ìYEE HAAAAî as she blasts down a green run moving at horrifying 5mph in a full snowplow. Oh yeah, about Shaun White, Iím sure heíll love to ride someplace other than Bear Mountain or Mammoth just as soon as he gets his drivers license!

    Love Ya

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