News Flash: LA Times Sucks

Caryn points out that Michael is echoing some earlier comments about just how much the L.A. Time’s online content policies suck ass. He says:

I subscribe to the physical newspaper and read it daily. Today I read an article in the paper and wanted to send a link to it my brother.

Going the site required me to login, as do many newspaper sites. I resent this, but logged in anyways. I was surprised to find that the article was hidden behind the pay only portion of the site. They wanted me to pay them money to get to a news article on the internet.

You know, fuck that.


3 thoughts on “News Flash: LA Times Sucks”

  1. At the risk of being forever banned from for my choice of online newspapers, I read the New York Times every day. The interface is better and you can read every single thing in the paper free up to seven days after it’s first published. As far as I can tell, you can read articles indefinitely if you send them via e-mail or post a link to your blog.

    They do require a login, but the cookie lasts forever. I never have to log in unless I’m on someone else’s machine.

    I realize this doesn’t solve the local news issue, but for general current events, politics, film reviews, book reviews, op-ed pieces, etc., I’m all about the NYT. Why the LA Times doesn’t use that model, I’ll never know.

  2. That annoys the hell out of me, too. I can get articles from nearly every other major newspaper online for free, albeit with an annoying login, and I think that the L.A. Times is going in a bad direction with this paid online service. People will just start getting their information from other sources, and whatever profits they thought they would see from the paid content on their site will become smaller and smaller.

  3. They need to raise the cash so they can pay for those annoying, only-related-to-the-LA-Times-in-the-most-oblique-way, pre-movie ads. Like anybody was fooled by that stupid CGI dog. Yeah, thanks for labeling which one was real and which one wasn’t. I had no idea.

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