Mmmmmargaritas (eventually)

When I grow up to be a big juicy lime, I wanna be a margarita. No, wait, I wanna be a gimlet. Oooh, ooh, can I be a gin and tonic, sapphire, please, pretty please?

When we first moved to our house, I was disappointed that we had only a lime tree. I mean, if you’re gonna have some citrus in your back yard (which is one of the best things about living in SoCal), I thought I would have preferred an orange tree or maybe one of those meyer lemon trees.

But now that I’ve started drinking, I’m quite happy with my little lime bush. She bears fruit practically year round, with the biggest crop starting around late May. So, there you have it. Come by on Memorial Day and I’ll make you a fresh squeezed gin and tonic that’ll knock your socks off.

7 thoughts on “Mmmmmargaritas (eventually)”

  1. Nice. We have a Meyer’s Lemon in our backyard. Very different than your normal run-of-the-mill lemons. They look almost like oranges as they ripen and are sweeter (less acidic, IIRC). We recently planted some bare-root plums, apricots, and pomegranates, but it will be some time before we see anything from them.

  2. Having savored my fair share of Cybele’s gin-n-tonix starring her backyard limes I can biasedly and without reservation state she will always be my favorite bartender (excepting that one weird experiment where we tried to fill a tonic water void with a concoction of club soda, Cointreau and sugar).

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