Leather & Lake

polepost.jpg These posters have popped up on utility poles all over the place promoting a “Los Angeles Leather Weekend” block party scheduled to take place this Sunday (March 28) on Santa Monica Boulevard immediately south of Sunset Boulevard to Hoover.

If the “Los Angeles Leather Weekend” isn’t a big enough clue as to who will be who, a visit to the fest’s website should give you a better idea of what crowds and lifestyles should be attending loud and proud. If I decide to fork over the ten dollah (!) admission fee, I may wander over during the event’s waning hours since it’s basically less than a freakin’ block away from my flat. Might be some good photo opps.

One thought on “Leather & Lake”

  1. Yeah, looks like you’re gonna have an interesting weekend, Will. Does this mean that hairy chests are once again in vogue?

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