Joyful Cuban Goodness!

My friend Scott came by tonight and we headed over to Versailles in Encino since it’s right up the road from me. This was my first time there even though countless people have told me how great it is. Well it did NOT disappoint. Fantastic food with a quaint strip-mall motif. The screaming children I could have done without but all in all it’s a damn fine place for the price and I’m not really even into Cuban food. Give it a go if you’re ever in my neck of the woods.

8 thoughts on “Joyful Cuban Goodness!”

  1. I’ve been told that there is a big difference between each of the Versailles restaurants. I have only been to the one on Venice Blvd, so maybe I’ll have to go and try a different one now.

  2. I lived on Venice Blvd. and Mentone, about a 2 minute walk from that Versailles. Damn, I miss it. My favorite thing was to call in my order for pick-up and then stroll right by the crowds waiting for a table and get my food. Yum.

  3. venice is the better one, but encino is just fine too. i seem to remember the menu was bigger in venice.

    and that was probably my screaming kid… actually i took her to The Bear Pit (remember that one jason) in mission hills last night and she was an angel.

  4. Versailles on Ventura rocks. But from a nostalgic perspective (having spent 19 years in the Valley ó and the last six of ’em in Encino ó before making the leap back over the hill), I sorely miss the Maryland Crabhouse that occupied that space prior to Versailles. Dinner consisted of a pitcher of beer, a roll of industrial-strength paper towls, a bib, a mallet and a half-dozen gloriously seasoned crabs crabs that they’d drop onto a construction paper mat in front of you. Then it was hammer time.

  5. Versailles on Venice is the best one of them all. There’s a Versailles on Sepulveda down in Manhattan Beach (Hermosa maybe) that’s decent, but the one on Venice is the granddaddy of black beans and pork.

  6. Sean: there’s a cuban home cooking spot right next to Alegria in our “eastside” neck of the woods. The dishes overall aren’t as tasty as Versailles in my opinion, but its still very good.

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