Fuck Valets!

As a follow-up to Moxie’s post two months ago concerning valets, I wanted to mention that two friends of mine, Jon and Will, valeted their cars at C&O Trattoria in Marina del Rey two weeks ago, and after they got their cars back, noticed that they were missing some items: a ski cap/beanie and $2.00 in change were stolen from Jon’s car and a digital camera(!) was stolen from Will’s.

Jon went back to complain and and was given the usual, “We’re not responsible for stolen items” legal bullshit. Which pretty much gives *any* valet free reign to steal things in the first place, does it not? Anyways, I think I’m even more upset that this happened to my friends than they are!

My revenge would be seeing any one of the local television stations produce a sensationalist news segment devoted to corrupt valets. Hell, organize a rogue sting operation to catch them in the act, hidden cameras in the valeted car and all! That would be fantastic! :)

8 thoughts on “Fuck Valets!”

  1. Yeah, but the evil valets would probably steal the hidden cameras.

    If I lost my digital camera, I’d probably call the police right there and have them investigate. And of course I would then curse them and post all about it on my blog.

  2. >My revenge would be seeing any one of the local television stations produce
    >a sensationalist news segment devoted to corrupt valets.

    One of them DID do this. I don’t remember which station, but I do remember watching it. Maybe a year ago?

  3. First of all, valet at C&O? Why pay the extra money for some chump to bang up your car while trying to park it over at the nearby elementary school, when you can pay _less_ and park in the beach lot that is about 50 yards from C&O, and have a nice leisurely stroll to dinner?

  4. 1) It hardly seems like a place worth paying for valet parking at. I only use valet parking in situations where I practically have no choice, or places upscale enough that I believe they are reasonably trustworthy.

    2) Never leave something as valuable as a digital camera in your car, no matter where you are going; it is both too easy to steal, and too easy to sell for a significant amount of money. If I don’t want to carry my camera on me at all times, I leave it at home.

    3) Hi Jeff, you silly little freak. :)

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of people, my friends and myself included, know about that parking lot over by the beach. And I don’t recall seeing any signs, indicating that a public parking lot was available down there either, but I could be wrong.

  6. That’s a tough one to miss, seeing as how you’re staring directly at the huge lot when you stop your car in front of the valet. Next time, just keep driving until you hit the end of Washington.

  7. My excuse is that it’s usually been at night when I’ve been in that area. But thanks for the tip, as I’m probably going to be in that exact area this Friday night for an art gallery opening. :)

  8. I valet park cars. The most I have heard being stolen is gum and occasionally change. But some of those guys are totally no good. As a valet I avoid valeting my cars at all costs!

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